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November 1st, 2017

The WCYR is proud to announce The Bookshelf @ the Market, July 7th, 2018 9am – 2pm. We are excited to partner with the Town of Newmarket and the Farmers Market on this day to celebrate books and reading.

We are eager to invite local and Indie Authors, Book Sellers, Publishers, Craftspeople, and Writing Communities to participate in this extraordinary event.

Sales begin in the main hall of the Lions Community Centre at 9am and conclude at 2pm. Load-in for participating vendors will take place between 7:30am – 8:30am. There is free Wi-Fi in the building. As the Farmers Market opens at 8am, we are looking to provide a ‘valet service’ for dropped off supplies to be watched while you find parking. More information on parking on the LOCATION page.

Our Readings will take place on a “Soapbox” stage this year, showcasing local authors between 10am – 1:30pm. List of Readers to be revealed April 2018.

We will also have a dollar-draw, spot prizes, free scavenger hunt, literary cafe, and more!literary cafe, and more!

Tables at the event are 6 x 2.4 feet in size.



WCYR Members “in good standing” will receive a $10 discount off the total purchase for their tables. Select the appropriate payment method once prompted on the registration page.

Returning Vendors will receive a $5 discount (last year’s survey code not required).

There will be no half-tables sold this year. Please contact the VENDOR COORDINATOR if you have any concerns regarding this change in policy. Accommodation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All vendors are required to be authors, publishers, or new book stores, though we do have a limited number of non-book related tables. Sorry, we are not accepting applications from used book sellers this year. Whether you’re a book merchant, publisher, library, author, or crafts person you should have a reading “bent” or focus to participate. We are a PG rated event. Any explicit material sold must be done so in a way that is inoffensive to the general public.

Please CONTACT the Event Coordinator if you have questions or concerns regarding your saleability.

Table Arrangement Diagram

Building Layout

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