What to Expect

Author Readings – Open Mic!

This year’s Author Readings at the bookshelf will take on a new appearance based on the wonderful feedback we received from authors and visitors alike.

We’re Having an Open Mic

Terry Fallis - ReadingWe’ve decided to spotlight local small press and indie authors interested in reading in a public forum. We have 14 spaces available consisting of 10 minutes each spot, between 10am and 1:30pm on the day of the event.

It is our goal to hold our readings outside for 2019 (weather permitting), to help draw attention to our fantastic event. We supply a microphone and amplifier, as well as a table to display a few of your books while you read.

Should the weather be “poor” our backup plan is to bring the readings inside to the Vendor Room and hold them under the canopy set up indoors – see below (upper right corner of map). Those 2 Vendor Tables currently under the canopy would be relocated where the BEVERAGE station is currently setup on the floor plan (beverages would then be brought into the Cafe proper).



If you are an Author Vendor and would like an opportunity to read during the event, please contact our Readings Coordinator (M.J. Moores) on the Contact Page. By the end of April, she will be placing all names into an online-random selector and the first 14 Authors will receive invitations to read at our open mic.

Note: Any Author Vendor who registers after the end of April will not have the opportunity to participate in the readings selection process for 2018.