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Gary McGuganFamily, friends, and hundreds of other wonderful people populate my life, repeatedly creating rewarding experiences. I’ve had all this good fortune for many years, with reading and writing usually playing integral roles.
I’ve loved reading as long as I remember and have enjoyed writing for just as long. For me, writing has taken many forms. Like most, it started with assigned essays as a student and then evolved with my business career. I’ve written letters, speeches, reports, ads, brochures, presentations, proposals, articles, and a blog. My first book was a work of non-fiction – NEEDS Selling Solutions – co-authored with my friend Jeff Allen.My latest book is a novel — pure fiction — titled Three Weeks Less a Day. This story is a highly rated tale of corporate intrigue. Men and women of all ages love the suspense!In early 2018 another great fictional story is coming with a title yet to be finalized. Follow my blog to keep up with developments! https://www.garydmcguganbooks.com/rendezvous-blog

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