Fabulous Fiction

General Fiction

A work of fiction is an act of creative invention derived from the author’s imagination, and this is where it can get really fun! It is made up, but is also is not. Wait, so I guess I should have also added that this is where it can get not only fun, but adventurous, a bit crazy, a little strange, kind of out-of-this-world but also very much in reality. Maybe? I don’t know. I guess you’ll just have to read it to believe it; or feel it; or relish in it.

It is like coming up with a fantastical story line, letting it play out, and making sure it makes sense… and not just the sense of chronological order or something similar, I’m talking about, “could this actually happen?”

Creative fiction sees the world of fantasy, dips its toes in the water, follows the factual guidelines of non-fiction, and then creates its own original and unique story of wonderment.

General fiction kind of touches on all genres whereas one story can shadow just a little bit of everything. It is all about crafting a story that is in its simplest form, entertaining, giving its readers moments from happiness to sadness to presenting that WOW factor!

At this year’s Bookshelf event, this category is honoured with the presence of:

  • Elise Abram, Fiction
  • Mark Koning, Fiction
  • Moe Vyas, Fiction
  • Wendel Messer, Multi-Genre
  • Cameron Currie, Fiction
  • Willie Handler, Political Satire
  • Sheila Horne, Fiction
  • Holli Irvine, Fiction

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