The Little Big Books

Children’s Fiction

Children’s fiction are stories written about and meant for children to experience early-in-life stories and learn new things in a fun way. Similarly, YA (young adult) fiction is for those coming-of-age stories.

I think all of us have a little bit of a soft spot when it comes to children or youth in situations where they come out on top and do something amazing. Like the saying goes, kids can say the darndest things; and the outlooks on life, the perspectives offered by young adults, can be simply amazing.

Children’s and YA fiction can, not only be entertaining for children and youth, but they can serve as a reminder about the simplicity of life… or the life lessons that we sometimes forget and take for granted. These stories can be simple delightful but also deep and meaningful.

And who is to say the these books are only meant for children and youth? Some of the most amazing stories can live in these two categories.

At this year’s Bookshelf event, this category is honoured with the presence of:

  • Dianne Gemmell, Children’s
  • Kim Chatel, Children’s
  • Josephine Vaccaro-Chang, Children’s
  • Donna Carol Koffman & Dr. Lawrence Segel, Children’s
  • Jenna Stewart, Children’s
  • Sigal Haber, Children’s
  • Tamara Hecht, Middle Grade
  • Katie Argyle, Children’s
  • Ole Madsen, Middle Grade
  • Terri Beauchamp, Children’s

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