The Bookshelf on ROGERS TV

Great news!

Yesterday The Bookshelf’s Event Coordinator MJ Moores was invited on Rogers “Daytime” TV with Jacquline Betterton.

She had a wonderful opportunity to speak about our free to attend Reading Room, the Feature Authors [Terry Fallis, Marissa Campbell, Rob Brunet, Alyxandra Harvey], and the fantastic help our fabulous sponsors have given to make Saturday June 25th a day to celebrate local & Canadian Authors and Reading for all ages.

We can’t thank IC Publishing enough for their stellar donations with over 15 books equalling more than $500; JAIKS Accounting and Roadhouse and Rose Funeral Home for their Silver Level contributions; and our fantastic supporters at the Bronze Level. Without your help, this event would not be possible.

  ICP logo for embroidery butterfly filled        JAIKS Accounting Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home