Become A Vendor: 2021




The WCYR is proud to announce¬†The Bookshelf 2021!¬†There will be an online component on August 22nd and, circumstances permitting, an in-person event on August 21st, 9:00 am ‚Äď 1:30 pm. We are excited to partner with the Town of Newmarket and the Farmers Market to celebrate local Canadian writers, books, and reading.

We are eager to invite local and Indie Authors, Book Sellers, & Publishers, Craftspeople, and Writing Communities to participate in this extraordinary event. This year will be an out door event with restricted booth space following health guidelines and the Town of Newmarket COVID-19 policies. We will be forgoing the inclusion of reading-related Craftspeople and other Writing Communities at this time.


The online event is still “under construction”, however, we will have a dedicated bookstore display on our website for all participating vendors and an opportunity to “take over” one or more of our social media platforms (Facebook and/or YouTube) for a 10-20 minute block of time. Depending on the vendor turnout length of time may vary to ensure everyone is able to participate. During your designated social media time, you will have an opportunity to post a reading or read live, introduce your books/characters/settings, hold fun polls, and engage with your online audience.

Online Event Registration – $5.00

(If you purchase an in-person booth, you have to option to participate in the online event for free.)


The in-person event will take place at the Riverwalk Commons at 9 a.m. and conclude at 1:30 p.m. Load-in for participating vendors will be between 8 a.m. and 8:45 a.m.

As the Farmers Market opens at 8am, we are hoping to provide a ‚Äėvalet service‚Äô for dropped off supplies to be watched while you find parking. More information on parking on the LOCATION page.


Booths at the event are 10′ x 10′ in size.

You are permitted 1 table maximum 8 feet long and 2 chairs. Both occupants must be part of the same social circle.

1 Booth – WCYR Members ~ $25

1 Booth – General Public ~ $30

We do not sell half-tables. You are permitted up to 2 authors per booth but, as specified above, they must be in the same social circle.

We are a PG rated event. Any explicit material sold must be done so in a way that is not offensive to the general public. No explicit/graphic covers, language, or other display materials.

Please CONTACT the Vendor Coordinator if you have questions or concerns regarding your salability.

You will receive a WELCOME email within 7 days of registering, and a VENDOR PACKAGE via email 2-weeks prior to the event date.

Table Arrangement Diagram (indoor venue only)

Event Layout

Online Registration Form

NOTE: During the time of COVID-19 the Bookshelf will be following the mandates of the Ontario Health Advisor, York Region Public Health, and the Town of Newmarket regarding these types of in-person events, when they can happen, how many attendees are permitted at one time, prerequisites for personal protective equipment, and more. Vendors must individually take full responsibility to assess any risks to their health, considering all factors and information available. However, if circumstances prevent the event from happening, the price of your table/booth will be returned to you. The organizers will monitor the situation closely and keep Exhibitors updated. At one week prior to the Show, we will verify continuation or cancellation.