You Never Know

It’s hard to say when you’ll meet someone how it makes a real impression on your life. They could be a person just walking down the street, a parent, sibling, co-worker, or even a celebrity if you get the chance. But these days are not like the 1970’s when we could just walk up to the likes of John Schuck and to get an autograph (yes, I did that in the 70’s during a break in a game show, got John Schuck’s autograph when I was 12). At the time, we called it touching greatness.

So, with so many rising stars coming out to play, would you not join in and come out to a play where authors like Rob Brunet, Alyxandra Harvey, Marissa Campbell, and Terry Fallis, will be present? These four skilled and entertaining writers are amazing people to meet, and will enrich the lives of those they touch.

Come on out to The Bookshelf on June 25th and meet those people who are leaving a mark on the literary world.