The Bookshelf Booking Terms

Terms & Conditions 

The Bookshelf is a sub-sect of the Writers’ Community of York Region (WCYR). The following applies to all WCYR Shows whether in-person or digital.


The term “the Exhibitor” shall mean any person, firm, company, or representative who shall schedule, confirm, and/or attend the Bookshelf to be referred to as the Show. The Writers’ Community of York Region shall be referred to as “the Organizer”. 


The Exhibitor shall submit a completed registration form outlining specific requirements and requests. The Organizer will process the application in a timely manner, contacting the Exhibitor by telephone or email with any clarifications. The Organizer shall email the Exhibitor a confirmation letter no later than one week prior to the show (depending on registration circumstances). It is not be the responsibility of the Organizer to ensure the Exhibitor has received the confirmation letter. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure they have received the Confirmation Letter. The Organizer may cancel the application or agreement at any time without giving any reason and without incurring any liability of any nature by refunding the Exhibitor for the amount paid for the table(s)/booth(s). Applications may be refused at the sole and absolute discretion of the Organizer without giving any reason. Spaces are non-transferable. 


The presentation and layout of the Show whether in-person or digital will be decided by the Organizer. Exhibitor locations are not reserved but assigned in advanced.  The location of the Exhibitor space(s) will be marked prior to the Exhibitor’s arrival. However, The Organizer reserves the right to alter and amend the layout of any published or assigned spaces, times, or floor plans.

The Organizer reserves the right to relocate an Exhibitors table/booth/time when necessary.  


At our indoor show (location may vary from year to year):

Set-up commences at a pre-designated time that will be noted in your Exhibitor package, to be delivered approximately two weeks prior to the Show via email. Exhibitors not present after the completion of setup forfeit their booking. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to complete set-up during these times. Receiving areas must be used by the Exhibitors to transfer all displays and merchandise into and out of the Centre. Displays shall not be moved or taken down prior to the end of the Show without the written permission of the Organizer. Take-down shall be done after 1:30 pm ET and no sooner. At the end of the Show the Exhibitor will remove all their own property brought into the centre and will clear the site of all unwanted materials and leave the area in a clean and tidy condition. In the event the Exhibitor fails to comply with the reasonable satisfaction of the Organizer and Facility Management, then the Organizer may carry out these tasks and charge the Exhibitor for the costs of doing so. 

At our outdoor show:

Set-up commences at 7:00 am ET and must be completed by 8:00 am ET. Exhibitors not present after the completion of setup forfeit their booking. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to complete set-up during these times. Receiving areas must be used by the Exhibitors to transfer all displays and merchandise into and out of the designated space without disrupting the Farmers’ Market. Displays shall not be moved or taken down prior to the end of the Show without the written permission of the Organizer. Take-down shall be done after 1:00 pm ET and no sooner. In the event the Exhibitor fails to comply with the reasonable satisfaction of the Organizer and Facility Management, then the Organizer may carry out these tasks and charge the Exhibitor for the costs of doing so.

At our digital show:

Set-up will be defined as a series of digital communications (e.g. email, Facebook messenger, etc.) agreed upon by the Organizer and Exhibitor outlining how to approach the use of the Exhibitor’s time on the Organizer’s digital sites (e.g. Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, Website, etc.). All readings (pre-recorded or live) will be PG rated as will all excerpts, quotes, images, polls, games, et al to be displayed/shared (see sections 5 & 6 for more details). The Exhibitor will prepare for their designated time/location and not exceed the parameters given by the Organizer. The Exhibitor is welcome to share digital links within the show that are relevant to their books/product but are advised not to excessively promote events other than the one they are participating in. Exhibitors are also able to share links to the show (e.g. via posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, etc. for social media engagement). If the Exhibitor fails to arrive on time or leave when advised (times will vary for each Exhibitor) they risk being blocked from further participation in the Show for the rest of that time and for future Shows.


Whether in-person or digital, each table/booth/time will not be moved or replaced without the approval of the Show Organizer. Displays are not to interfere or infringe on other show Exhibitors. All displays are to be child/PG friendly. Tables are draped using a tablecloth, at the expense of the Exhibitor. Only neatly printed signage, labels, posters, banners or similar advertising will be approved. Exhibitors shall request electrical connection if required prior to set up (indoor only) and must supply their own grounded extension cord. Power shall only be used for display purposes. Should an Exhibitor misuse power for kettles, TV, heaters or microwave there will be a charge of $100.00 for misuse and power will be disconnected.


The Organizer reserves the right in their absolute discretion to require the Exhibitor to remove or alter all or any part of the Exhibitor’s display or Exhibitor’s product and to refuse to allow the Exhibitor to operate equipment (including display equipment) at the exhibition if in their sole and absolute discretion such equipment is undesirable, dangerous or offensive in the context of the exhibition as a whole. If the Exhibitor refuses to comply, they shall not be permitted to remain at the show. A refund or credit will not be issued. 

Examples of Inappropriate Exhibits or Exhibits Items (including but not limited to):

  • Excessive skin showing on book covers, banners, or other promotional items
    • Context is everything – a bathing suit and beachwear are different than womens underwear
  • Main character body positioning on book covers, banners, or other promotional items
    • A woman on her back giving birth (as long as it’s not graphic and showing the event from the birthing helper’s point of view) is different than a woman in the same position enticing a partner to her
  • Use of graphic words in titles on book covers, banners, or other promotional items
    • Context is everything: Lick my Lollypop with an adult on in the image is not the same as I Lick a Lollypop with the image of a child describing verbs used for eating food.
  • Any acknowledged and identifiable swearwords.
    • A recognized made up swear is permissible (e.g. Frack from Battlestar Galatica)
    • An unrecognized made up swear is permissible as long as it isn’t too close to a recognized one
  • No excessive blood or gore (remember, this show is PG rated)
  • No self or child harm images (this is not the show for books that deal with these topics)
  • No human bashing
    • anything reflecting a negative attitude toward all humans: partner preference, race, gender, religion, culture, etc.
  • A moving display that could inadvertently hit a guest or fellow Exhibitor
  • A visual screen device that pulses or flashes and may trigger an epileptic seizure
  • Use of a bullhorn or other loud noise to draw attention to your booth (Note: the Organizers may use a similar device to announce free spot prizes throughout the Show)
  • Loud music/video/sounds (book trailers and pre-recorded readings are acceptable as long as they do not intrude on neighbour Exhibits – Note: occasionally the show engages musicians as part of the Show to help engage/entice guests)
  • Aggress over-selling
    • Speaking over other Exhibitors with the sole purpose of drawing their guests to your display/table/booth
    • Bad-talking the other Exhibitors or their wares
  • Overloading an outlet with too many devices or connecting a grounded-plug to an ungrounded extension cord (3-prongs to 2 slots)

The Bookshelf strives to be a 100% positive experience from beginning to end for everyone at our Shows. We celebrate the diversity of all attendees, Exhibitors, and staff, and will not tolerate discriminatory behaviour by or towards anyone taking part in our Shows.

By receiving confirmation of registration, you are agreeing to respect and be kind to everyone at the Show regardless of their gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability or any other aspect of what we look like, where we come from or who we are.

Whether in-person or digitally, discriminatory behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

  • Verbal comments that indicate superiority related to gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion
  • Deliberate intimidation
  • Sustained disruption of talks or other events
  • Unsolicited physical contact
  • Advocating for, or encouraging any of the above behaviour

NOTE: If you are concerned your product or display may have concerning elements for this show, please contact the Organizers before submitting registration.


Both in-person and digitally, every Exhibitor must be open and ready for business during all hours and manned by a competent representative of the Exhibitor. Shoppers/guests shall not be approached or solicited by the Exhibitor (in-person or via social media personal/direct message or similar messaging practice), but come to the table/site by their own volition. The use of microphones, audio equipment, flashing lights or any other device which may interfere with or annoy the public is forbidden unless prior consent by the Organizer has been given. The Exhibitor will uphold the usual standards of conduct and behaviour and follow the rules set by the Organizer during the Exhibit. Failure by the Exhibitor to abide by these terms may result in the immediate removal of the Exhibitor and items from the Show.  The Exhibitor shall be liable for any loss caused to the Organizer as a result of their breach of these conditions. Full show cost will apply as refunds or credits will not be given to the Exhibitor.   


The Exhibitor accepts liability, in-person or digitally, for all acts or omissions of himself, his employees, contractors, and agents and shall indemnify the Organizer against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, costs, demands, and expenses arising from whatsoever which may be taken or made against the Organizer, Facility, or Digital Space as a result of the actions or inactions of the Exhibitor and in particular, against any claim made against the Organizer by the Landlord or other owners of the site. Each Exhibitor will assume full responsibility for their booth/time and neither the Organizer nor the Facility will accept any liability for theft, breakage, and/or any damage to the Exhibitors property or person. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to carry the appropriate permits and licenses, and collect the appropriate tax where applicable.   

During the time of COVID-19:

The Organizer will be following the mandates of the Ontario Health Advisor, York Region Public Health, and the Town of Newmarket regarding these types of in-person Shows, when they can happen, how many attendees are permitted at one time, prerequisites for personal protective equipment, and more. Exhibitors must individually take full responsibility to assess any risks to their health, considering all factors and information available. However, if circumstances prevent the event from happening, the price of your table/booth will be returned to you. The Organizer will monitor the situation closely and keep Exhibitors updated. At one week prior to the Show, the Organizer will verify continuation or cancellation.

The Organizer carries public liability insurance for the duration of the occupation of the indoor and outdoor space depending on which location is used in a given year. All Exhibitors are strongly advised to provide their own public liability insurance whether participating indoors, outdoors, or digitally. Such insurance should be obtained prior the show with a copy available at the Show.  


If accepted as a vendor for The Bookshelf you will be sent payment information. All payments are to be made through Square, which is a 3rd party payment processing company. You do not need to have a Square account to make payment for this Show. Payment must be made in a timely fashion. Non-receipt of payment will result in the loss of your booking. We do not accept e-transfer or cheques.


Exhibitors that submit/supply/use artwork or upload or link any material (including but not limited to images, text, documents and/or video files) to any Writers’ Community of York Region website or digital platform are solely responsible for the content of such material and for gaining required permissions under copyright, trademark, trade secret or other applicable law for the use of such material. (Caution: many websites purchase artwork from stock photo suppliers for the expressed website use or from hired photographers who have only supplied one-time rights.) By submitting any such material, the submitting company represents and agrees that (i) it has obtained the necessary permissions referenced above, (ii) any such material is not likely to defame and does not invade the privacy of any person, and (iii) it will defend, indemnify and hold harmless the company, its affiliates and their respective directors, employees and agents (including , without limitation, its publishing partner or any agent acting on its behalf) from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) resulting from the submitting company’s breach of the obligations set forth in this paragraph.

WCYR’s The Bookshelf plans to take photographs and video material at both in-person and digital shows and use them to promote future Shows, indirect mail and email marketing, newsletters, educational materials, social media, press releases and broadcasts over the internet, through our broadcast partners, or via other broadcast services. It will not be feasible to obtain express permission in relation to your inclusion in these materials. By participating in WCYR’s shows, you grant them the right to use your name and/or pseudonym, pen name, nom de plume, etc., photograph and biography for such purposes. All photographs and video material become the property of the WCYR and may be displayed, distributed or used by that community for any purpose.

The Exhibitor acknowledges the WCYR’s right to crop, splice, treat and edit any photographs or video material taken of the exhibit or Exhibitor at the WCYR’s sole discretion. The Exhibitor waves their right to inspect or approve the finished product, now and in the future, whether that use is known or unknown to the Exhibitor;

The Exhibitors agrees to release, defend, and hold harmless WCYR and its agents or employees, including any firm publishing and/or distributing the finished product in whole or in part, from and against any claims, damages or liability arising from or related to the use of the photographs or video material, including but not limited to any misuse, distortion, blurring, alteration, optical illusion, or in the taking, processing, reduction or production of the finished product, its publication or distribution.

CCTV and webcams are not used by our organization, although our Show venues may use them.


In the event that an Exhibitor wishes to cancel their booking after acceptance of the booking by the Organizer then the Organizer reserves the right (but without being obliged to do so and without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to the Organizer) to apply the following cancellation charges and to reallocate such space.

The Organizer shall not issue refunds for Exhibitor’s Cancellations one month or less leading up to the Show.

In addition there is a $5.00 cancellation fee once the Exhibitor’s booking has been accepted and processed. Refunds will be returned to the booking party via email money transfer. If the Show is cancelled by the Organizer for any reason, all fees will be reimbursed.

Should an Exhibitor fail to arrive for set-up, the Organizer may, at their discretion, reassign the space to another vendor. No-shows will not be accepted for the future bookings. No booking fee refund will be issued to no-shows.

Shows are not prorated and are non-transferable.

If the Exhibitor wishes to cancel, then written notice of such wish must be forwarded to and received by the Organizer. Notwithstanding, the Organizer may resell or reallocate the cancelled space after payment of the cancellation charges. The Organizer shall be under no obligation to reimburse all or any part of such cancellation charge.

By submitting an application form, and clicking APPLY at the bottom of the provided form, you are agreeing to all of these terms and conditions of The Bookshelf.