Date and Time

The Date and Time for the Bookshelf – 2021

What: A Book Fair at the Newmarket Farmer’s Market

Where: Newmarket’s Riverwalk Commons & Online

When: Saturday August 21st (in person) & Sunday August 22nd (online)

Aug 21: 9am-1:30pm

Aug 22: TBA


NOTE: During the time of COVID-19 the Bookshelf will be following the mandates of the Ontario Health Advisor, York Region Public Health, and the Town of Newmarket regarding these types of in-person events, when they can happen, how many attendees are permitted at one time, prerequisites for personal protective equipment, and more. Vendors must individually take full responsibility to assess any risks to their health, considering all factors and information available. However, if circumstances prevent the event from happening, the price of your table/booth will be returned to you. The organizers will monitor the situation closely and keep Exhibitors updated. At one week prior to the Show, we will verify continuation or cancellation.