Media Blast Pkg

Dear Vendor,

Thank you for ordering The Bookshelf’s “Media Blast” package for the 2021 event.

It is our goal to help you spread the word about your books/wares over the next several months leading up to the day of the event.

We will strive to publicize you and/or your product approximately 5+ times between Nov 2020 and May 2021 – across all of our active social media sites: facebook, twitter, tumblr, & G+.

What We Need From You

Since this is a not-for-profit event run solely by volunteers (associated with the WCYR – Writers’ Community of York Region) we would ask for your help in developing 2 different posts that we may use for these “Blasts”.

POST 1 – Text Heavy

A “text heavy” post is where most of your vendor info will be on display via text. We ask for a casual image of you with your product and a small banner/logo. The text you provide should be between 150 – 250 words about you/your product and being a part of The Bookshelf 2021 Event on TBA.

POST 2 – Image Heavy

This should include a portion of an image from a cover of your book, series image, or best-selling product. We will then turn it into an image-graphic (like a meme) with your book’s/product’s “hook” or “slogan” (the 1 long or 2 short sentences that encapsulate you and/or your wares).

Please email your Social Media Blast Pkg content to the Event Coordinator. Include up to 3 individual book covers for inclusion in our genre blasts.

Be sure to “like” our facebook page, twitter site, tumblr, G+ and other platforms (see the home page on our website as we add new sites) to see when your info. blast happens each month.


The Bookshelf Team