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A Great Big Thank You!

The Bookshelf would like to offer a HUGE thank you to all of you (vendors, sponsors, volunteers, and patrons) who stopped by our event on Saturday May 13th 🙂 We had over 300 people through the doors and a ton of fun to boot!
We had a fantastic time getting to know you, visiting with Elsa of York Region, Chase from PAW Patrol, Kids’ singer Marky Monday, and even the York Region Police! And without Karin’s Cafe helping run The Cafe at the End of the Universe, the day would not have been the same.
We couldn’t have made this event happen without the continued support of the Writers’ Community of York Region and all our behind-the-scenes planners.


If you are interested in helping organize the 2018 event, please email MJ Moores at by June 9th, 2017.

We do most of our planning online and meet generally once every other month starting in October. We are looking for volunteers to help with the following positions:
  • Sponsorship Coordinator (we have a pre-existing list to be followed up on)
  • Vendor Coordinator (we have a pre-existing list to be followed up on)
  • Volunteer Coordinator (for the event day – we have a pre-existing list & resources for reaching out)
  • Readings Coordinator (to organize the random draw of readers from the early-bird vendor registrations)
  • Social Media Coordinator (to ensure our sponsors and vendors are recognized and to brighten up our feeds)
  • Graphic Designer (to tweak pre-existing posters/postcards/social media banners/flyers)
We are having a “post-mortem” meeting June 11th to discuss how this year went and how to integrate the suggestions we’ve received for next year. You do not need to attend this meeting, but if you are interested in helping out, it would be a bonus for us to know.
Thanks Again! and See You Next Year 😀


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Some Awesome Artisans


The skilled work of artisans at The Bookshelf event in May will showcase some great decorative collections. These fine folk who make or create things by hand share their practiced crafts through imagination and functionality, experience and aptitude that reach the expressive levels of being an artist.

Creativity, in any form, takes time and patience, and sometimes a little bit of daring. Artisans envision something of beauty and/or purpose and then work at building that something into existence. Whether we wear it, use it to sooth our bodies, or use it to decorate our homes, the work of Artisans make our lives richer in many respects. Artistic creations like these offer us reasons to be happy; they give us something to cherish. Everyone can use that.

We have all indulged in collections of some sort. Someone created those items that we may come to consider priceless or happily habitual. Nick-knacks, treasures, trophies… they all come from some talented individuals, there is no need to shy away and not give in.

At this year’s Bookshelf event, this category is honoured with the presence of:

  • Galaxy Teas – All Natural Loose-leaf Teas
  • SteamGummie – Jewellery & Accessories
  • The Button Brigade – Fun Sayings on Buttons
  • Osnat Wolle – Artist
  • Katie Argyle – Artist
  • Laura Suchan – Artist of RockJewelryDesign
  • Gavin Abeelee – Pen Shop Ca

Extra, Extra! Don’t forget to check out the wonderful items in our silent auction.

We would also like to thanks some of our generous sponsors: