The Volunteers at THE BOOKSHELF can’t thank our sponsors enough for all of their wonderful contributions. Without them, it would be nearly impossible to run this Reading & Book Event so that our local authors can interact with the community 🙂


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If you or someone you know would like to support this “love of reading” event, please check us out on our website.

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The Bookshelf Team

Come Meet Your Next Favourite Author

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Gearing Up for Another Great Event!

The Bookshelf 2017 is Closer than you Think 🙂

The 2016 event saw more than 350 guests walk through our doors…

With over 50 Authors and Reading-related Vendors at the launch of the WCYR’s Bookshelf, we couldn’t be happier 😀 Check out the slideshow below for some highlights.



For the 2017 Event we are carefully looking at the invaluable feedback received from guests and vendors alike. We are currently in conversation with the Farmers Market about expanding our presence in the marketplace on the day of the event, and opening up our Author Readings to early registrants as we work toward a new structure for presentation (more info to come in early winter).


We look forward to having a wider variety of reading-related vendors present and broadening options at our Literary Cafe, as well as having multiple spot prize giveaways, a revamped scavenger hunt, and dollar-draws.


With fun for the whole family, we can’t wait to see you on Saturday May 13th, 2017.

Terry Fallis: Featured Author

The Bookshelf @ the Market is proud to host Terry Fallis, who has kindly been the WCYR’s guest speaker, not once, but twice, at our monthly gatherings at our local Community Centre in Newmarket.
Terry & His Books
Terry will be speaking in the READING ROOM at 2:05pm on June 25th, 2016 as one of four featured authors.
Terry Fallis somehow manages to make me feel as though I’ve known him all my life, and yet I’ve had exactly one conversation with him and perhaps a dozen email messages to represent the bulk of our correspondence.
It is his highly endearing sense of humour that enables him to engage readers and listeners alike. At once humble and authoritative, Terry is the epitome of grace and dignity, when it comes to addressing the nuts and bolts of the writer’s craft. His methodology reflects the craftsman adage, “measure twice, cut once”. He spends an inversely proportionate amount of time in the planning process so that the story fairly writes itself when it comes time to tackle the manuscript.
Terry’s writing is personal, although never self indulgent. He draws from his own emotional landscape in order to inform his character motivation, his setting and the scope of conflict as it twists and resolves. It’s this willingness to explore “what if” that lends risk and a capricious flair to his plots, making his stories both memorable and accessible.
He is a multiple Stephen Leacock Award Winner for Humour, all five of his novels being Bestsellers.
In fact, his book, Best Laid Plans, became a television miniseries, then later was adapted as a musical theatre production in Vancouver and had a very successful run last September. He is, undoubtedly, a quintessentially Canadian writer.
If you have a chance to read his work, please look for these titles:
The Best Laid Plans
The High Road
Up and Down
No Relation (recently rereleased)
Poles Apart
One Brother Shy (under construction)
By Erika Willaert, Author. Poet. Reading Room Coordinator.